Badger digging out: undercover in a gang of terriermen

"Sharpened like a knife..."

How many thousands of corpses and vile images will it take to rally the public and politicians to the cause of these martyred animals? We are launching a major campaign to ban this scandal.

Everyone must open their eyes to the shameful realities of digging out that takes place in secret and recognise the scale of this tragedy for badgers

I love badgers!
They must be protected

Digging up badgers is a cruel “hobby”, disguised as a so-called useful and necessary hunt. These sensitive and social animals are accused of all evils. Their existence in nature is not in any way an obstacle to the growth of crops. Badgers are also protected animals in England, Wales, as well as in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Hungary and Portugal. France is therefore an exception in Europe. These lies allow hunters to persecute and slaughter them even in their sets whether adult or juvenile, from mid-May to mid-January each year. Unpublished footage from One Voice’s badger digging investigation shows the violence of this “hobby,” which not only kills animals but also damages forests. This sadistic practice also mistreats dogs, forced to go underground and stay there for hours, risking injury, lung, eye problems, and even finding themselves buried alive in the event the set collapses. I love badgers! Words are fundamental to the way we imagine the world. In French slang, “badger” is derogatory. In the Robert dictionary, it designates an “antipathetic, limited and mean character. “; in the Larousse dictionary, a “conformist, narrow-minded, stupid individual”. It is necessary to change mentalities as much as regulations. More than 8 out of 10 French people demand the banning of digging out. I, the undersigned, ask along with One Voice for the banning of digging out, the protection of badgers throughout France, and that the term “badger”, when it is an insult, be removed from the dictionary.

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